Design and manufacture of unique promotional

Design and manufacture of unique promotional products

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We offer a hands-on approach to production. We work directly with factories, supervising each step of the production chain to ensure the best results for our clients. Our products stand out in the market because we offer unique designs without skimping on quality.
Punctual delivery and guaranteed deadlines.
We adapt each product to the image and idea of the company it represents. We work on technical tasks when there is a clear understanding of the product and design. We help solidify and realize designs with loose frameworks of development

We make an initial series of samples which are covered in the prepaid 30% of total cost. Then we establish an agreement with the client on the product design. After, we implement a full product launch. The remaining 70% of total cost will be charged post production.

We deliver the product anywhere in the world. For federal projects: packages are sorted and sent using direct mail from China.

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  • Trends research
  • Work on the technical task
  • Conceptual development

  • Production of samples
  • Large-scale production
  • Urgent orders

  • Air delivery from 40 kg.
  • Auto delivery from 200 kg.
  • Marine transport from 500 kg
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