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Gift cases 2GIS
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2GIS — international mapping company that manufactures electronic directories with the same name with a map of the city since 1999. Included in the top ten, according to Forbes Russia’s largest Internet companies.
About the project
The leitmotif of the gift of the case 2GIS was the theme of outdoor activities: Souvenirs made of lightweight durable materials, wear-resistant and shatterproof.
Mugs. Sample 7 days, operational coordination on the photo and start of production (25 days). Circular printing layout, coloring pens and on the inner surface of Pantone mugs.
Set "Fairy": napkin to wipe the devices and Microfiber glasses "to see better": 2 color / texture 2 (long and short-haired). Speaker for the phone "to hear better" (blue in individual packaging custom design).
A set of spices for mulled wine in a cotton pouch. Labels and boxes made in the same factory, but the spices had to buy separately. Production and purchasing - 7 days. Packing sets and collation - 1 day.
Water Bottles with carabiner
Sports water bottle with carabiner: volume 0.5 liter bottles, convenient spout for drinking tube with a valve leak. Practical design for use on the road, in the gym, at work and during leisure. The logo is applied by laser engraving.
Charger from the cigarette lighter
Charger from the cigarette lighter. It consists of an adapter and a USB cable with rectractor for different phones. The logo consists of 5 colors- quite difficult for screen printing. The application made on a separate production to minimize marriage printing.
Travel set
Standard kit, a small circulation. Eye Mask, cushion, storage bag and tag on the suitcase of PVC, which makes using a needle 2 mm thick. For fine lines layout of our tags needed needle 1 mm. And we have done everything to preserve the layout without changing the design.

Touch gloves
with a stripe of chevron
Touch Gloves with stripe of the chevron. Most of the gadgets (all iPhone, iPad, Sony smartphones, Samsung, HTC, LG, and others.) Are equipped with a touch screen, which consists of a glass covered with an electrical conductor. Our body is a good conductor of electricity, so when you touch the screen, we create an electrical connection, which is easily recognized by the device.

The principle of operation is simple sensory gloves — sewn into the fabric of a conductive material that transmits the electrical connection of the fingers on the capacitive screen.

Fully acrylic or partial addition of wool.
As part of the gift of the case were made 2GIS road tag sophisticated interesting design. Module for products made of PVC with a needle of 2 mm thick. For fine lines layout in our project needed a needle of 1 mm, which we had to find their own. We have done everything to preserve the layout without changing the design. As a result of the opening of the module and the sample standard production took 5 days. Quickly agreed on the photo and video, batch production took 10 days.
Comments by agency
Alexander Evdokimov
Head of Sales Department 1-RA, Novosibirsk
We are working with the company Bright Concept for 4-x years. During this time we have not only fulfilled a large number of joint projects for the development of unique business gifts to our customers, but also gained them a reliable and trusted partner.
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