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MTC — a major GSM operator of cellular communication in Russia and the CIS.
About the Project
For 3 years Bright Concept has responsibly carried out tenders for the Russian MTC mobile operator, in partnership with a number of advertising agencies from Russia and CIS countries. From regional packaging to distribution, we provided tailored options to suit the needs of our partners.
At first glance the MTC earphones are nothing special but they demonstrate Bright Concept's keen eye for detail. The earphones are uniform in color and saturation because of unique processing. When the material is in a molten state, the dye is added thereto Pantone 485S, thus creating a dispersion of polymer particles in the mass, and resulting in uniformity and saturation coloring.

Also in the colored wire mass, and after the finished product has whiting applied logo. Packing in boxes 1 + 0, filling the cities and regions.

Production is not super complicated process, but the box and headphones are manufactured at different factories. To avoid overlap, the stage of the assembly is under the personal control.
These acrylic gloves have already became a part of the MTC brand thus aiding us in promoting the brand in the telecommunication market.
MTC branded notebooks with a plastic cover and attached pen (left) and a rubber valve knobs. Table clock with temperature sensor (right).
Comments by Bright Concept
Valentina Nosova
Head of Sales Department
Bright Concept (Guangzhou)
Initially, there was a mistake in the first batch of earphones, which resulted in 24,000 boxes with wrongly sized logos. Without pointing fingers, we reacted quickly so as not to delay the readiness of the shipment. We were able to take timely control of the assembly process, thus fixing the issue and significantly reducing costs for our partners.
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